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When in Doubt, Cut it Out

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July 15, 2013 When in Doubt, Cut it Out Allow me to preface this post with a small disclaimer – I AM NOT A DOCTOR. The following is just MG’s POV, so is in no way meant to dispense medical advice – it is just my opinion on a particular topic. Enough said. As many of you know, I usua [...]

First Video Blog — a.k.a. Vlog!

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Hi MG fans! It's official...I can now be with you anytime, thanks to a new chapter in MG's history: Video Blogging. Check out my first post! [...]

BRCA2 Blog – Post 2

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February 7, 2012 This is my first post in 2012, so Happy New Year! Or more accurately, Happy Groundhog/Valentine’s Day! I am finally free of tubes and on my way to a full recovery from the recent double mastectomy. It is definitely weird to look in the mirror and see a flat chest staring [...]

The Big O Diary – Post 5

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July 21, 2011 Today is Day 8 and I am feeling great! (sorry – couldn’t resist the cheesy rhyme). I love waking up without that draggy-druggy feeling. It is kind of like magic when it happens. It makes the memories of the last week of hell sort of melt away. I want to wrap my arms around [...]

MG Announces “Respect the Rays!”

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MelanomaGirl Foundation, Inc. Announces 2011 “Respect the Rays™” Campaign The moment is here!  I am so incredibly excited to announce MG’s 2011 spring and summer campaign, “Respect the Rays™.” MG is getting her gr [...]

MG Goes National!

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As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been working hard on MG as an organization in order to be able to expand it nationally.  I am excited to say that we are on our way!  We are starting a Chicago chapter in October, with Julie W. at the helm as Chapter Leader.  Julie is going to kick off MG Ch [...]

A Walk in the Park…to Marathon?

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MG and Gracie Jane love to go to the park!  We are blessed to live in the heart of some of the most beautiful green space in Cincinnati, so we try and take full advantage of it.  We go pretty much every day, as long as it is early enough, and not too hot.  It usually takes us an hour round-trip. [...]