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8 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

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I realize this may seem off-topic, however, I stumbled upon this article and wanted to share it.  Plus, I feel that any benefit to drinking wine (besides the obvious) is worth mentioning.  Plus, plus I am going to start blogging about other topics that relate to our overall health and well being- [...]


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I have been working on my 501(c)(3) application, fine-tuning my mission and vision statements, developing a fundraising plan, and projecting budgets for the next three years, all while watching my MG bank account dwindle.  This stresses me out because I feel that there are [...]


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Everyone is now super familiar with this acronym, so MG thought she would put a playful twist on it.  The letters M and G obviously stand for Melanoma Girl in this scenario, but what does the O stand for?  That is the fun part.  O can stand for however you are feeling at this moment.  For exampl [...]

SO OVER the Sun!

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As you know, MG cannot go out in the sun.  Well, I can, but if I do, I have to be covered up from head to toe. Not so much fun in 90 degree weather.  So, obviously, this proves to be very challenging in the summer.  And due to global warming, the summer has been here already for like, two months, [...]