MG Loves Winter!

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January 14, 2013

MG is going out on a snowy limb and declaring her love for winter. Some of you may think I have gone mad, but trust me; the chemo has not yet altered my internal thermometer. I do truly enjoy it. Winter is all about sensations for me. I love living in a part of the country that experiences the change of seasons. It must have something to do with that Yankee blood running through my veins (cold hands = warm heart!).

Ok – so as a disclaimer, this love of winter does not include extreme weather conditions. I do not relish below-zero temps accompanied by 30 mile-an-hour winds. Or being on the side of a mountain in a blinding snowstorm. Or standing on the shoreline during a nor’easter or hurricane. For me, there is nothing enjoyable about those types of conditions and that is not what I am referencing here.

What I am talking about is the warmth of winter (I know – sounds like an oxymoron, right?). And what might that be exactly? It’s the flush you get from bracing temperatures. I love how the frosty air gives your cheeks a ruddy hue. I love how beautiful everything looks after a snowfall. Fresh and clean. I love the smell of wood smoke emanating from rooftop chimneys. I love wintertime activities. Walking the dog amongst the flurries. Sledding and making show angels. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Believe it or not, I even actually like to shovel (mom probably won’t believe this part). But mostly, I love being able to see your breath in the air when you breathe in and out. It makes you feel truly alive and invigorated.

MG’s four-legged BFF, Gracie, also loves the winter. She sits patiently while I put on her sweater. She springs around like a bunny once her feet hit the snow. She sticks her nose in it and then prances around. I think she forgets that she is a Boxer and not a Siberian Husky or St. Bernard.

Probably the best part of the winter though is coming back inside after spending time outside. Feeling that rush of warmth as you enter the house. Kicking off the snowy boots and downy parka. Feeling the numbness leave your fingers and toes. Making a hot chocolate (add Bailey’s to mine please!) and having it warm you from the inside. Winter evokes a sense of snugginess. It makes you want to spend time indoors with family and friends. Cooking meals together and playing board games. There is just something homey and inviting about it.

MG is also a fireplace junkie, which pairs well with winter temps. I love the ambience, warmth and all-over coziness of a fire. There is nothing more delicious than curling up with a glass of Pinot, blanket and a new book in front of the fireplace. Especially on a snowy afternoon. Totally the best.

Being a melanoma survivor definitely helps me appreciate the winter more too. It is so much easier to be covered up in 30 degree weather versus 80 degree weather. Sunscreen application is limited to the face and neck instead of your entire body. Sunglasses are still a must though – especially with the glare from the snow.

I know you snowbirds out there will adamantly disagree, and I respect that. I am not Florida or Arizona-bashing here. Warm states definitely have their advantages and I enjoy visiting them. But I could never live in one (well…don’t quote me on that. If I make it to a ripe, old age I may change my mind). But for now, give me New England! Bring on the snow!

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