The Big O Diary is Back!

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November 19, 2012

The Big O Diary – Round 2 – Post 1

The Big O Diary is back! Why??? Because I have ovarian cancer again. Ugh.

The verdict came in late last week. I had some spots on the CT that were questionable, so had the PET scan and then an unpleasant biopsy to confirm the origin. Results show ovarian cancer, and no melanoma.

Now how is that possible since my ovaries, uterus, and all of the rest of my “lady” parts were removed last summer? Because that devious little witch of a cancer got into my lymph nodes, and is apparently still floating around in my body. This time it resurfaced not only in my pelvic area again, but also on my left side under my rib cage in a place attractively named the gutter (space between my ribs and colon). Nice. They thought maybe it was melanoma since that was the general area of my original tumor, and it seemed unlikely that the Big O would have found its way over to that part of my body. Yet somehow those tricky ovarian cells managed to sneak their way in there. Bizarre. Gotta love metastasized disease.

There is plenty of good news, however. First and foremost – there is no cancer in any of my major organs. I am feeling incredibly grateful for that. Also, I don’t need to have surgery, I won’t have any hair loss, and best of all, I should be back in full remission at the end of treatment!

So, I start chemo again on December 3. Six rounds, once a month. I am dreading it, but my oncologist seems to think it will be easier this time around. I am really hoping she is right. I am also very happy that it is only once a month this time too so I can have a life and not be a slave to the schedule. I am going to be on a combination of Carboplatin and Doxil. Last time it was Carboplatin and Taxol. Apparently Taxol gives you the hair loss, so this time I won’t go bald – sweet! I honestly didn’t mind not having hair on my head, but the worst was losing my eyebrows and eyelashes. Talk about looking sick, plus my eyebrows are STILL growing back from last year! Soooo happy I don’t have to relive that.

Now we just need to determine logistics. Since the treatment is only once a month, do I move back up to Portsmouth or travel back and forth? Still have to figure all of that out. Due to lots of holiday stuff going on here, we are going to fly back and forth to Boston for the first treatment. Hopefully the return flight won’t be too miserable. It is only two hours, so will plan to sleep through it. That sounds plausible, as long as I don’t need a barf bag or extra fluids. Imagine if I ran the call button for the flight attendant and said, “Um, may I please have an IV and a bag of saline instead of the peanuts and diet coke? “ Do you think they would charge me an extra fee for that?

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank you all again for your thoughts, prayers and posts. I couldn’t get through all of the ups and downs without this wonderful community. I truly appreciate your concern and caring.

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