The Big O Diary – Post 7

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August 15, 2011

Narcotics are not my friend. In general this is probably good practice (the chief of police would certainly approve), however, a certain amount are usually needed after major surgery in order to manage pain. This proved to be very challenging last week when I awoke from surgery with a six inch incision, yet the drugs they were giving me were hindering my ability to do the things necessary in order to be discharged from the hospital. Let’s just say that I was a weeping pile of mush. What to do? Continue taking the required pain medication, or wean off of it so that I could get rid of a major case of med-head?

The docs (with strong encouragement from hubby) decided to take me off of the Dilaudid and give me “Super Advil” instead. Thank goodness. Within a day I was drinking fluids, taking short walks down the hall, and munching on dry toast. It was like the fog had been lifted from my brain. The next morning my IV was removed, and I was discharged with honors. I was still very sore, but so thrilled that I would now be able to sleep through the night without being awakened every four hours for vitals, heparin shots, and a gaggle of doctors who spontaneously poked and prodded me at will.

What’s the lesson here? I am not saying that pain meds are bad for everyone – just for me. I have taken them in the past and kind of knew this already, but the recent reality slap was a harsh reminder. It amazes me that some people develop an addiction to these things. I cannot imagine becoming dependent on something that makes me feel like I want to throw up all of the time. I am not sure what I will do for future surgeries, but at least now I have a mental souvenir of what not to do.

The end result was certainly worth all of the above aggravation. NO MORE CANCER! My surgeon feels very optimistic that they got it all. The amount of disease had diminished due to the chemo, which made the surgery less invasive too (makes my other organs very happy). I may have a lovely scar from stem to stern and no reproductive capabilities, but I will take that over Tampax any day!

Going forward, I still have two more rounds of chemo in order to zap any minute cells that still may be floating around. The next one is scheduled for the end of August. So I have a couple of weeks to hang out and recover before then (thinking of catching up on my movie and reading list for the summer). The only major restrictions I have over the next six to eight weeks are no heavy lifting, driving, or nookie. The first two I can do without, but the last will certainly be missed for a while!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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