The Big O Diary – Post #1

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After a month of doctor appointments, tests, and an exploratory surgery, the final verdict is in. MG has stage four ovarian cancer (I am calling it The Big O). No melanoma or breast was found in the tissues they extracted during the surgery. That is the silver lining. As we all know, stage four melanoma is very difficult to treat, while ovarian has many tried and true treatments. All of the docs are very optimistic that we can beat this and be cancer free in 6-7 months. Fingers crossed!

Today (May 11) is my first chemo treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. Why come here you might ask? Well, allow me to explain that a bit. First of all, I absolutely adore and respect my oncologist in Cincinnati. He is a melanoma god, and more importantly, a wonderful person. He has treated me so well over the past two years and I can’t thank him enough. However, we decided to get a second opinion (with his blessing), and chose the DFCI for a few reasons. First, it is one of the best cancer institutes in the country. Second, it has its own gynecological floor, with an amazing line-up of docs and staff. Third, it is in my absolute favorite city – Boston. Fourth, and certainly not least, I have a lot of wonderful family and friends here. So, it wasn’t that tough of a decision after all!

Now that we have officially started this brand new journey, of course my thoughts are how best to continue working on MG while receiving treatment for ovarian cancer. I worked so hard on the campaign for this summer and I don’t want it to be a bust, so I am hoping that I can continue promoting Respect the Rays over the next few months. I also want to be true to this new cancer too, so need to think more about that, but I have some ideas already. First, I am going to be starting this new blog post called The Big O. What do you think? Kind of catchy, no? Plus, it is fun and I can do a lot with it. I will post it on my MelanomaGirl site (, plus the MG FB page, as well as the new MAD For Cancer FB page. This way I can cover all bases.

I already have ideas for T-shirts for The Big O and Mad For Cancer. Going to get my sister dream team (Jill and Jenny) together when I get home this weekend and see what we can come up with for designs. I am thinking of an O-MG! T that stands for Ovarian/Melanoma Girl, as well as a teal striped umbrella with an O for the shadow and offer it as a limited edition T. I would love anyone else’s ideas too – please feel free to share! The new MG Ts are ready to go and posted on the site, but still have to add the updated PayPal and order some inventory. Thanks for your patience!

Finally, and most importantly, I can’t begin to thank you all for the incredible outpouring of support you have given me over the past few weeks. I feel truly touched and honored. I read all of your posts and emails, and try to respond to all, but apologize if I can’t get to it right away. I have not been online as much as I usually am, and am hoping to get back to everyday here very soon. Again, thank you so much – MG fans are the best and I am lucky to have you all!



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