MG Announces “Respect the Rays!”

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MelanomaGirl Foundation, Inc. Announces 2011 “Respect the Rays™” Campaign

The moment is here!  I am so incredibly excited to announce MG’s 2011 spring and summer campaign, “Respect the Rays™.”

MG is getting her groove on this summer with a new array of Ts and other fun products.  I was inspired by the return of 70s trends (love the high-waist flare pants), so all of the Ts have a vintage vibe to them.  Plus, they are colorful and fun – can’t wait to wear one of each!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this campaign.  It is from the heart and I hope it shows.  I wanted the Ts to have more design work, but also retain a message-centric focus.  I wanted them to be FUN and to hopefully inspire people and change behaviors.  So you will see some new designs, plus the original faves – SPF and Proud to be Pale.  The SHOP page will be uploaded with the new Ts early next week.

The Respect the Rays campaign is all about being positive, approachable, and feeling good.  Respect the Rays means just that – having respect for UV rays – whether they come from the sun or a tanning bed.  MG wants everyone to Realize the Risk before they make the decision to lay out or go to the tanning salon.  MG will never preach or tell you what to do – you are all adults and make your own decisions.  Just make informed ones.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  Please feel free to provide feedback on colors, designs, etc. when you have time. 

Who is on board this bus (VW) with me?  Join the MG Movement this spring and summer and Respect the Rays!

As always, thanks for your support!


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