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I have been working on my 501(c)(3) application, fine-tuning my mission and vision statements, developing a fundraising plan, and projecting budgets for the next three years, all while watching my MG bank account dwindle.  This stresses me out because I feel that there are endless possibilities of how to positively promote melanoma awareness, and I want to do them ALL.  Yet I have a website to pay for, attorney’s fees, T-shirt production costs, etc., etc., etc.  These are all necessary expenses of course, and I bear them with a grin (tight), but sometimes I wish I could grow a money tree on the patio, or have a tiny fairy godmother alight on my shoulder with a check for $25,000.  That way I could cover my overhead costs, create tons of fun new T-shirts, and still be able to donate lots of money to the MRF.  Ahhh, ideal scenario.   If only.

But then I get an email from someone who has melanoma or has a loved one with melanoma, and it yanks me right out of my money melancholy.  This is what it is all about, of course.  Connecting with people to make a difference.  Promoting melanoma awareness is now so necessary to me that it propels me forward even when I have no idea where I am going.  No GPS system on this MG train?  No worries!  No hesitations!  I am going to just do it! (thanks, Nike!).

I have a new favorite quote of sorts from a cute plaque that I picked up in my favorite bookstore.  It shows a girl carrying a big bag labeled “pluck”, in one hand, and carrying a pair of red heels in the other.  The caption reads, “She packed up her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out to change a few things.”  Below that it says – “her heart glowed with a degree of happy assurance.”  Don’t you just love that?  With the right attitude and a great pair of shoes, anything is possible!  That’s my POV!

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