MG Goes National!

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As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been working hard on MG as an organization in order to be able to expand it nationally.  I am excited to say that we are on our way!  We are starting a Chicago chapter in October, with Julie W. at the helm as Chapter Leader.  Julie is going to kick off MG Chicago with a fundraiser on October 2.  Can’t wait!  I have also spoken to other women in various cities who have an interest in either starting a local chapter or hosting an MG fundraiser.  I am still working through all of the details – tweaking, editing, and especially learning as we move through the process. 

My long-term goal is to elevate melanoma to the same level of awareness as breast cancer.  This is necessary due to the statistics.  According to the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S., and melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers in the U.S. and worldwide.  Also according to the MRF, the majority of melanoma is caused by exposure to UV light and sunlight, and the incidence of people under 30 developing melanoma is increasing faster than any other demographic group.  So unfortunately, more and more young people are likely to be diagnosed with melanoma.  The bright side (no pun intended!) is that melanoma, like lung cancer, can be preventable in many cases.  Excessive exposure to the sun and tanning beds are the primary culprits.  One of MG’s main goals is to help people realize the risk of these behaviors through the endorsement of embracing our skin in its natural state.  Let’s all be SPFs – Sexy Pale Females!

The key is to Be Sun Smart, and Refuse To Use tanning beds (look for these sayings in my next batch of T-shirts!).  This is a message that we can encourage and promote.  It is simple and effective.  It resonates with people, and yet is not preachy or clinical.  I truly believe that this approach will work.

Here is your call to action.  Join MG!  LIKE MG on FB and send it to all of your friends!  Buy a T!  Spread the word!  Let’s make MG melanoma’s #1 awareness advocate by preventing more occurrences through the voice of one organization.  Be a part of the bigger picture, and help to make a difference!


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