A Walk in the Park…to Marathon?

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MG and Gracie Jane love to go to the park!  We are blessed to live in the heart of some of the most beautiful green space in Cincinnati, so we try and take full advantage of it.  We go pretty much every day, as long as it is early enough, and not too hot.  It usually takes us an hour round-trip.  Sometimes we run into other people and dogs, and sometimes it is just us.  It is so incredibly peaceful to be out there in the morning with no one else around.  It is also much nicer for MG, because sometimes GJ can act feisty when she sees other dogs, which does not please her mommy at all. 

We have our favorite spots for our water and shade breaks.  Gracie loves to drink from the fountain, so we always stop there (plus I can fill up my bottle).  Then, we sit on the bench under the shady tree.  Then we sit under another shady tree.  And another.  Then we collapse, panting heavily, tongue lolling, on the sidewalk in front of a neighbor’s house, even though we have just taken a drink, and are five feet from home.  Did I mention GJ is not a big fan of the heat?  Her Boxer snub nose does not allow for lots of air to come in and out, so she can get overheated quickly.  I am always super careful and cautious to make sure that does not happen, but sometimes it does.  Last week she seemed a bit too warm, so I tried to coax her to jump into Mirror Lake.  She wanted NONE of it.  She put the brakes on so hard, I thought her toenails we going to come off.  Instead, I dumped two bottles of water on her back and belly to cool her off.  Funny how she did not want any part of the lake water, but didn’t seem to mind the bottled water.  I think that is because she loves drinking from the bottle, so it is not as scary as a big lake.  Or maybe she just knows that good things come from bottles (her favorites are the plastic kind, where mine are the wine-shaped glass kind!)

As soon as it cools off and fall is finally here, we are going to start running again.  The walks have helped take off the treatment weight, which is nice, but now I want to get back into shape.  Maybe the Flying Pig next year?  That might be a good goal to set.  Wait – a marathon?  Am I nuts?  OK, don’t answer that.  It is probably better to start with a 5 or 10k.

HOLD ON – even better idea - an MG team for the relay!  Yes!  Who is in?  Send me an email if you are local and want to do it!

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