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Meet Gracie Jane!

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MG would like to introduce her constant side-kick, Gracie Jane.  Gracie is my 65 lb. Boxer girl who we adopted a couple of years ago.  Boxers are my favorite breed, so when this abandoned girl showed up at the shelter, it was love at first sight.  As you can see, she is what is called “reverse [...]

MG is Published!

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One of my BFFs is the publisher of a magazine in Boston called the Boston Parents Paper - check them out.  She surprised me this morning with the attached PDF.  MG is going to be in their next issue!   I am so excited!  Thanks for rea [...]

I Love My Derm!

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Since MG is not a doctor, I do not feel it is appropriate (or legal) to dispense any medical advice or opinions. However, I will say one thing. Everyone should see a dermatologist once a year to have their skin checked. Ladies, just add it the list – OB, mammogram, dentist, and dermatologist. [...]

Do I still think tans look good?

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Do I still think tans look good? Admittedly, yes. However, if you must be tan, there are safer ways to do it. Let MG be your guinea pig when it comes to self tanners, bronzers, etc. I plan to try lots of new products this year and let you know what I think. [...]